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Welcome to Ivory Holsters!

Where craftsmanship meets passion

Our journey began in the humble confines of a basement, armed with nothing more than a $3 thrift store toaster oven. From those modest beginnings, Ivory Holsters was born. We’ve dedicated ourselves to the art of crafting holster options for the backcountry hunter as well as everyday carry.

With every piece, we’ve poured our heart and soul into creating holsters that stand out for their quality and innovation. As our journey unfolds, our commitment to delivering the finest holsters only grows stronger.

Explore our site, and join us in celebrating the art of holster making. We’re proud to bring you holsters that are as exceptional as the stories they’ll accompany on your journey.

Featured Products


We use American made .080 thickness Kydex for most of our holsters. It sports a high degree of strength while maintaining excellent flexibility against the body.


Ivory holsters feature a V-cut lower to remove all unnecessary material. It cuts the overall weight and keeps the holster comfortable when hiking, training and squatting, as it minimizes digging into the hip joint.


Each of our custom kydex holsters incorporates the PCF (Perfect Click Fit) retention system allowing you to adjust the holsters level of grip on your firearm.